Property Management

Services We Offer


  • Perform a comprehensive rent analysis designed to attract quality tenants while maximizing occupancy

  • Internet rental services with referral links from other sites

  • Showings 7 day a week by appointment

  • Professional for lease signage

  • A comprehensive move-in conference, where a customized lease is reviewed and executed

  • Performing a move-in inspection at the property to ensure that the residents are off to a good start

  • Collecting numerous move-in and move-out photos to ensure proper documentation of the condition of the property to mitigate disputes

Signing a Contract


  • Nationwide Criminal Search shows you all criminal convictions from the most comprehensive and accurate nationwide database

  • Transunion® Credit Report with FICO® score to verify how well the tenants handle their credit, pay their bills, and if they have any collections history

  • Nationwide Eviction Search to see if the tenant has had any prior evictions

  • Prior Address Search shows the complete address history of the tenant

  • SSN Verification to verify the validity of the SSN provided

  • Thorough rental history review and verification of sources

  • Employment and income research and verification



  • Provide detailed monthly statements and a comprehensive annual report

  • Rent and security deposit collection

  • Maintain comprehensive files of all property transactions and correspondence

  • Collect rent electronically, which increases resident satisfaction and makes sure you receive your money faster

  • Service your property taxes, insurance, and HOA dues at no extra charge

Analysing Data


  • Hiring and monitoring reputable maintenance vendors who offer a combination of quality work, low prices, and excellent customer service

  • Oversight of vendor processes

  • Maintenance & rent ready repairs

  • Maintaining a thorough maintenance history for each property

  • Strict oversight and enforcement of vendor recalls and administration of all warranties, including home warranty policies

Gardening Tools
  • Providing swift and effective rent collection procedures, up to and including necessary legal action

  • Utilizing professional property management software, which helps minimize accounting errors

  • Handling all complaints and inquiries from tenants

  • Providing maintenance tips, reminders, and community information

  • Determine your objectives and formulate a plan to achieve them

  • Collect your rents

  • Conduct property and unit inspections

  • Prepare unit reports on condition

  • Review reports with owner

  • Review current rent levels

  • Draft new rental agreements as needed

  • Advise tenants on new policies and procedures

  • Review and adjust rents annually or as directed by owner

  • Having someone else handle the day-to-day issues and challenges of property management

  • Having a property management specialist available to make recommendations at your request

  • Having timely, accurate, complete reports at your fingertips to facilitate analysis and tax preparations

  • Having the objectivity of top down management

  • Having time for other priorities

  • Conduct move-out inspections

  • Photograph the unit

  • Secure the property

  • Itemize deductions from the security deposit

  • Issue security deposit disposition report to tenant

  • Summarize actions needed to bring the unit to rent-ready condition

  • Supervise the preparation of vacancy

  • Advertise for new tenants

  • Show vacant unit

  • Interview prospective tenants

  • Screen prospective tenants

  • Collect security deposits

  • Conduct move-in inspection

  • Photograph unit upon move-in

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*Depending on size and complexity

*Depending on size and complexity

*Depending on size and complexity

You don’t pay anything until your property is rented, guaranteed.